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Armor Masonry WBENC Press Release
Press Release Armor Masonry WBENC Announcement

CHESCO Coring now offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
CHESCO offers Ground Penetrating Radar

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Oliver Fire Protection & Security
Material Distributors, Inc.

Berlin Steel

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Oliver large family business award.

SADV congratulates our colleagues at Oliver Fire Protection and Security on their recent Large Family Business Award from the Inquirer.


As of September 2017 OSHA has begun enforcing the new SILICA STANDARDS CFR 1926.1153. The following link will allow you to fill in the blanks for a written exposure control plan for your site.

Superior Court Limits PA Prompt Payment Law

Owners and contractors on Pennsylvania construction projects are familiar with the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act (“CASPA”). CASPA requires owners to pay contractors in accordance with the terms of their contract, and for contractors to pay subcontractors in accordance with the terms of the subcontract. If payments are not timely made without a good faith reason, CASPA allows an unpaid contractor or subcontractor to recover (in addition to the amount owed) interest at the rate of 1% per month, penalties at the rate of 1% per month, and attorney’s fees incurred to collect payment.

Article by: Kaplin Stewart

Frequently Asked Questions for OSHA

As you might be aware OSHA has issued a new standard for the construction industry addressing confined spaces.

If you are looking for some answers provided by OSHA from what they term “Frequently Asked Questions” on their website to help those who will have to adjust their operating rules read more…

Frequently Asked Questions of OSHA about their operating rules.

Key Internal Controls for Contractors

The construction industry is a risky one. While contractors can’t do much about economic ups and downs, they can make sure their companies have strong internal controls to help guard against business risks.

In an uncertain environment, well-run companies that have strong controls in place are more likely to gain the confidence of sureties, lenders, and customers/owners. There are several important construction-specific areas you should focus on.

Article by: Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP