Please reach out to the Chair of the Committee with your interest in participation, any questions you may have regarding the committee, or any ideas to share.

You must participate in a committee if you would like to be considered for a Board of Directors position.

BPI Committee & BPI Team 

Business Practice Interchange

Chair:  Jim Smith of Armor Masonry

BPI:  We review GC/CM’s and their business practices.  BPI is a resource like no other.  SADV Members to share unwritten information, facts and experiences about GC/CM’s.   At our monthly meetings, various GC/CM’s who have projects and bidding opportunities in the city and surrounding areas are presented.  Our members share information like future projects, ease of projects, management changes, payment terms, change orders, and contracts.  In addition, it is shared when payments lengthen or risk of not being paid.  This is a valuable resource for SADV members.

In addition, there is an opportunity to be part of the BPI Team that helps for immediate inquiries from our membership.  By email, you would be a part of a resource team to be a “quick” response to those inquiries by our membership that cannot wait until our monthly meetings.  The response time is a day or two back to the person making the inquiry. Then, that information will be shared at the monthly PowerPoint presentation.

Development Team

joins Membership and Program committees                      

Chair: Stefania DeMarco

The Development Team focuses on membership growth and retention, plus programs of meetings and events throughout the year.  Because the team merges both committees, there is only one meeting for the group.  The group meets once every 4-6 weeks depending on schedule and as needs basis.  Dave & Busters in Plymouth Meeting.  Come with ideas and support for SADV.

Membership Committee: 

Chair: Sherie McCarty

Membership Committee builds relationships with current members and prospective members.  This committee helps to educate, interact and grow the membership.  Expectations are to attend monthly meetings because you have a responsibility to introduce prospective members and newcomers to the Board, current members and welcome them to the SADV Family.   You are recognized as part of the Membership Committee by a red star on your badge.   The Committee meets prior to Monthly Meetings at the Marriott to review prospective members and to follow-up with those attendees to answer any questions they may have.

In addition,  there is the Membership Mentors The Membership Mentors partner with new members in a similar trade or a trade that is of interest to partner with for business purposes.  It creates an opportunity to build business relationships with each other and involvement with SADV on a higher level.

Program Committee

Chair: Matt McClatchy

Program committee plans and discusses details for monthly meetings,  breakfast with benefits topics, guest(s) speakers, education/training ideas, and special events.  GC Profiles, Meet & Greets, Professional Showcase and Golf Outing and any other ideas and concepts for programs for SADV Members.   Program Committee meetings are part of the Development Team meetings.

Groundbreakers Committees

Chair: Taryn Bainbridge CliftonLarsonAllen

Groundbreakers is dedicated to connecting young craft professionals with experienced industry leaders, inspiring through education and mentorship, developing more productive and successful young professionals – breaking the ground for future leaders.


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